Kitchen Life Saver Multi-Purpose Clip On Spout

Kitchen Life Saver Multi-Purpose Clip On Spout

If you need something poured with precision and ease then this Multi-Purpose Clip-On Spout is the answer for you.

You probably know that pouring something from one container to another (usually a smaller one) is actually a tough job and more often than not leaves you with spillage all over the kitchen floor and counters.

Well, this clip-on spout can be easily attached to pots, pans, bowls and even canisters of paint and allows you to pour everything precisely where it should go.


It is made out of high-quality silicon and can withstand high temperatures (up to 450º F) so you can even pour hot grease through it without a second thought. It is also dishwasher safe and comes in only one size and color. 

Additionally, this clip-on spout doubles as a strainer and spoon rest, so you can leave it attached on a pot while cooking and leave your mixing spoon on it

You’d be amazed how many uses you can find for this amazing kitchen gadget and you’d be surprised how such a small thing can be so useful and exciting.  

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