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How to use ear candling therapy

Natural Ear Candling is the non-invasive therapy involved the use of a long candle place into the ear. The side that is out of the ear is lit, and a vacuum is created within the ear canal, coating the whole ear in beeswax. Excess earwax is drown out of the ear canal, as the beeswax is removed. In some cases, impurities can also be drawn out.  Features: Easy to use and effective. Reduce the pressure of the ear canal and the sinus canal This is an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilizations.  To alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus and ear itching, and strengthen the hearing Make your comfortable and relax.  How To Use?

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Walnut Desk Organization Collection

Give your desk a sophisticated makeover with the walnut desk organizer collection. Featuring a comprehensive set of tidying décor items for your desktop, it is every neat freak’s dream come true! Consisting of a monitor stand, laptop dock, headphone stand and iPhone dock, the collection covers all of your bases. To cap it all up, it includes a geometric wooden planter for all the green thumbs in the house. Each of the pieces shows great attention to detail. Complimentary design and finish creates a harmonious look and eliminates the appearance of clutter. And best of all, every one of your items gets the perfect spot to call home.  With this elegant collection, you might find yourself looking forward to working...

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Hey Cookie Holder Mug for Sweet Tooth.

If you love to dunk cookies or biscuits into your coffee or hot tea, this cookie holder mug is just what you need to complete you and your friends in your home. The white ceramic mug looks pretty standard from the front—but look at the back and you’ll find a cutout “pocket” for stashing some of your favorite secret sweets! Once all your family and friends find out they will want one too, the perfect gift for mum, dad, grandma, grandad the kids or even

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