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How It Works

Get back that flawless, vibrant glow! Thanks to its luscious, rich texture, it able to penetrate deeply into the deepest layers of your skin to nourish and hydrate the cells giving you back that fresh, youthful glow!

WhitePeach™ Beauty Soap CAN HELP YOU


Natural in Every Bar of Soap

Enriched with skin-loving formula that you just can’t get with other soaps.

Glowing, Brighter & Smoother Results

Goodbye dark spots….hello glowing, even skin tone!


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Cleansing, Brightening, & Nourishing

One bar for face and the rest of body

How To Use

Top Recommendation

WhitePeach™ Beauty Soap

with Powerful Bright Formula

  • Silky Smooth, Glowing Skin Radiates with Health

    The unique formula is enriched with collagen, an essential protein that is perfect for damaged skin. It fights dullness and restores moisture to maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier all day long, help further improve your skin’s overall radiance, leaving them soft, beautiful and glowing from within.

  • No More Imperfections

    Our beauty soap will reduce the appearance of spot and acne scars by exfoliating dead skin cells to help nutrients penetrate deeper into the skin that results in a uniform complexion, less visible scars and smoother skin. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles and helps promote collagen production, so you can have a beautiful complexion with perfectly smooth texture.
  • The Ritual Of Beautifying Shower

    When you step into the shower, you’ll enjoy the luscious lather of this richly textured soap as it promote healthy blood flow, assists in eliminating toxins through the skin to hydrates and brightens your skin over time. Use the soap daily in the shower to wash your face and body so you can look stunning all over everyday!

  • Increase self-love and confidence

    Perfect for dry to normal skin, combination, oily and even the most sensitive skin. Unlike other soaps that are filled with harsh chemicals and heavy fragrance, this soap was formulated only with simple, minimalist, natural ingredients. A naturalist approach was used to avoid skin irritation while helping to fight against acne, blackheads and breakouts.





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Commonly asked

Commonly asked

How does WhitePeach™ Beauty Soap brighten skin?

Our soaps are made with powerful bright formula from naturally derived, skin-loving ingredients. They works to reduce skin’s ability to produce tyrosine, an amino acid that controls melanin production. With less tyrosine, skin becomes significantly brighter and more even over time.

How long does it take to see results?

The key ingredient, white peach is well-known for its ability to lighten and brighten skin, however every skin condition is unique and individual results may vary depending on period, yet a noticeable result are fully guaranteed for everyone after each use.

Is WhitePeach™ Beauty Soap effective for darker skin tones?

WhitePeach™ Beauty Soap are formulated for all skin tones, including African American and other ethnicities. Darker skin types have more natural melanin, so it may take longer to see results.

Who is it for? Can WhitePeach™ Beauty Soap be used by men and women?

If you’ve been struggling with dark spots or uneven skin tone and want a natural product to get rid of your uneven skin tone, then WhitePeach™ Beauty Soap is for you. It's totally  made for both men and women who want to achieve an even-toned, brighter and smoother skin.

When should I apply WhitePeach™ Beauty Soap?

WhitePeach™ Beauty Soap is formulated for daily use. We do recommend to use this soap twice a day for achieving better and faster result.

Are there any side effects?

No. WhitePeach™ Beauty Soap is recommended to correct undesirable skin pigmentation and enhance the brightness of skin while keeping skin in healthy condition. Every ingredients in each bar of soap is naturally effective and safe for most skin types.

Are the results permanent?

After each use of WhitePeach™ Beauty Soap, sunscreen is suggested to apply to protect skin from UV lights, prevent sunburn and skin darkening for best results.

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