Reset, Repair & Regenerate

Younger,  Firmer,  More Radiant

Maintains the skin's youthful reserves while

fending off the signs of ageing even before they appear.

Offer a visible transformation of the skin appearance and total age-defying correction.


Visibly reduce discoloration, fade scars and improve appearance, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin as it protects skin from premature ageing


Help skin regenerate and refresh the dermis for visibly plumper and youthful-looking skin
as well as bring vital nutrients and protection to skin cells


Allows for deeper penetration, but results in less irritation whilst delivering a nourishing dose of hydration to give a soft, radiance complexion


Provides advanced environmental protection and helps neutralize free radicals damage

Customer agreed the product

worked effectively and show visible results


Customer agreed the skin is firmed

and wrinkles are visibly smoothed


Customer agreed the radiance and evenness

are restored to the complexion


Customer agreed the pores are diminished

and did not interfere with makeup application

Incredibly Potent, Incredible Results

The skin glows with health and appears noticeably stronger and more youthful-looking.


Change the future of skin with every drop

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A Natural and Boosted Feat of Formulation

Packed with a powerful antioxidant complex and fruit extracts to firm and

brighten the appearance of skin while improving the signs of photoaging

Gentle Without Irritation

A weightless serum free of derivatives and safe to use without increased photosensitivity

and favored by those with oily, combination, or sensitive skin.

See The Result—Fast

All you need are a high performance formulas targeted to the skin's needs.


Skin is hydrated, radiant.


Improves texture and a more even-toned look.


Reduces the look of dark spots, sun spots, age spots, acne marks.

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What causes dark spots?

Dark spots, or often referred to as age spots, can often appear on your skin for multiple reasons. A few potential causes can be due to past sun exposure, irritation or just natural hormonal changes.

How to get rid of dark spots?

Our VitaC™ Power Drop was formulated to help minimize the appearance of dark spots and any aging signs. Just start by adding this serum into your daily skin care routine. This product works by stimulating natural collagen and brightening those pesky dark spots.

Is this VitaC™ Power Drop both vegan and cruelty-free?

Absolutely yes. VitaC™ Power Drop adheres strictly to cruelty-free, animal-friendly practices.

Does this VitaC™ Power Drop have anti-aging benefits?

Our VitaC™ Power Drop is specifically designed to provide anti-aging benefits, the formula’s active ingredients are proven to minimize signs of aging and stimulate collagen and elastin, therefore reducing wrinkles.

Is VitaC™ Power Drop safe for pregnant women to use?

Although there are no restrictions on the use of VitaC™ Power Drop, pregnant women should always consult their doctor before using any product.

Is VitaC™ Power Drop suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely. VitaC™ Power Drop is suitable for all skin types and does not run the risk of causing dryness, flaking, or excess oiliness.