BugHunt™ Natural Mite Eliminator
BugHunt™ Natural Mite Eliminator
BugHunt™ Natural Mite Eliminator
BugHunt™ Natural Mite Eliminator
BugHunt™ Natural Mite Eliminator
BugHunt™ Natural Mite Eliminator

BugHunt™ Natural Mite Eliminator

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The natural shield for complete hygiene

Tired of sharing home with unwelcome mites and bed bugs that always disrupting daily life?

These tiny creatures are among the most diverse. And, because of their small size, they largely go unnoticed.

No matter how clean a home is, these tiny creatures cannot be totally eliminated. However, we can get a good night's sleep and bring you back a comfortable shelter with the help of BugHunt™ Natural Mite Eliminator. We can simply get rid all of them without any need for deep house cleaning or hiring exterminator with high spending.

Features :

🏡Powerful Eliminator & Protector

Combines the ultra-powerful combination of essential herbals in a convenient to eliminate annoying mites and bed bugs immediately upon contact in all stages of life. Their clean, fresh smell of 100% pure essential herbals are always safe around you and your family.

🏡Natural Scents Attractant

Special natural herb scent is released for luringcapture and end the life of mites and bed bugs instantly and effectively.

🏡Health Guardian

Researchers and experts have come together to design the BugHunt™ Natural Mite Eliminator to help prevent and reduce the allergens caused by mites.

🏡Long-Lasting & Economical

Offers the total protection from a single packet lasts up to 2 months. They've designed to allow for recording down the day you started using it, which is easier to know that when is the possible time to change a new patch.

🏡No Mess & Barely There

You'll barely notice them in useThey're extremely compact and lightweight, without staining the fabrics or smelling of any chemicals. Place this pad with ease under the areas that mites would live, and all done!


Made of completely natural, organic ingredients that are safe to be used around kids, pets, and pregnant women.

No worries of fumes or chemicals coming in contact with you and your family.

Specifications : 


Stemona Tuberosa: 
A nature’s insecticide, externally as a treatment for impetigo and scabies.

Provide relief from anxiety and release calming scent to give us better sleep.

Speeds up the destruction of fungal cells which makes it a great complement to the other herbs.

Keeps most pests away, in addition to making the living space smell wonderful.

Help prevent the growth of some bacteria, kill germs and as a mild astringent.

Sophora Flavescens:
Great for eliminating of bacteria, inhibits the growth of germs and controlling insect pests.

Formulation: Powder

Net Weight: 150g

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Package Including: 1 x BugHunt™ Natural Mite Eliminator (10 Individual Packs)

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