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Bringing Back Smile To Everyone

55% of communication is visual.

Traditional masks block faces and prevent our ability to see facial expressions and emotions, catch visual cues, and communicate. 

ClearShield™ has created a face-covering design that allows us to see each other’s entire face and facial expressions. The patent-pending anti-fog, transparent plastic barrier design is optimized for comfort and breathability while providing assured protection.

Features : 

✨Ultra-Clear and Anti-Fogging

Our ClearShield™ is crystal clear100% totally transparent provide super clear visibility and while the anti-fogging material resists fog under extended use.

Everyone can show off beautiful makeup and facial expressions as well. It is designed for people to be able to see each others face clearly, allowing lip reading and easier communication.

✨Full Face Protection

Our product have 180° of protection and provide full coverage for side and front face with a flexible wrap-around design, to prevent droplets and other unwanted substances from reaching face.

✨Breathable with Great Comfort

Fit comfortably and perfectly to face without pressure and irritation even if worn for a long time.

It keeps a space between the shield and face, so it will not lead to makeup smudging and uncomfortable breathing. Glasses can be easily wear on at the same time.

✨Washable & Reusable

Made of acrylic and PET materials that are environmentally friendly with high versatility. It's reusable and easy to clean with only water or wiped with alcohol disinfection, ensuring a healthy environment and economical use.

✨Hygiene On-The-Go

ClearShield™ is as light as feather, portable and easy to wear on and take off.

✨Wide Application

Our essential personal protective face shields are one size fits allworn all over the world in both indoors and outdoors.

Specifications : 

Color: Transparent, Black, Light Grey, Blue, Purple, Coffee, Light Red, Reddish Orange

Material: Acrylic and PET Plastic

Net Weight: 70g

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