ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder
ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder
ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder
ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder
ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder
ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder
ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder
ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder
ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder

ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder

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Tough on stains, but gentle to our world

Toss a ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder into every load and take the clean laundry to a new level of freshness. It plays the main role to almost every stain-fighting that everyone need to have in laundry, and beyond!

This amazing powder give every wash an incredible boost and successfully chase away all stubborn stains before eyes.

Features : 

🧼Stain Remover

Each contains active oxygen power to reach deep into fabric fibers and quickly, safely break up, remove stains and decolorize some stains.

It works overtime to remove greasy, oily stains, perspiration, and ring-around-the-collar

🧼Color Protector

No more bleach spills on colors, so it’s safe to use on colors. Our product locks up loose dyes, protecting clothes against color bleeds and helping preserve original colors, thus, it allows mix whites and colors in the same load.

🧼Brightener and Whitener

Give whites a new take on life! Bring back brilliant whites, rejuvenate even dingy clothes for brighter bright and whiter whites, wash after wash. 

🧼Strong, Fast and Effective

A no compromise powerful clean with essential ingredients, harnesses the power of oxygen to get out tough dirt, persistent spots, set-in stains and removes 99% of top everyday.

🧼Eradicate Bad Odor and Germs

Our ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder doesn't just cover up odors produced by bacteria, it blasts them away too. Say goodbye to body odor, musty towels, and more, and keep laundry smelling clean and fresh!

🧼Safe Formula

Gives garment a deep clean while being free and clear of the chemical fragrance and dyes that can cause irritation to sensitive skin, leaving everyone's laundry fresh and clean without harsh chemicals.

🧼Portable and Convenient

The most convenient and quick way to do laundry and leaves no mess behind, measuring or spills.

How To Use : 

1. Add a packet into water with 80 Celsius and mix until completely dissolved.

2. Submerge stained clothes in the solution and soak it. Rub gently after done soaking and wash them thoroughly.

3. Get a white, bright and clean laundry with ColorGuard™ Oxi Powder!

**Do not use on wool, lace, silk, , leather or on fabrics labeled dry clean only.**

**For really tough stains, pre-soak to remove tough stains and revive dingy whites.**

Specifications : 

Product Form: Powder

Scent: Lavender Scent

Net Weight: 30g

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