Kitchen - Super Dishwasher
Kitchen - Super Dishwasher
Kitchen - Super Dishwasher
Kitchen - Super Dishwasher
Kitchen - Super Dishwasher

Super Convenient Dishwasher

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 Wash All Dishes In A Most Simple Way

Liquid storage design presses out liquid, PP bristles, strong cleaning power, easy to wash all kinds of materials, does not hurt the utensils. 
The super convenient dishwasher makes cleaning more interesting. Gently press to flow out. 

Intimate storage base for easy storage and let the brush drain naturally. Round shape, touch every corner, small size, easy to clean the gap and dirty.

Comfortable Scrubbing -  Super Dish Washer is designed for comfortable scrubbing and effortless soap dispensing.

Save Money - These Super Convenient Dishwashers are made of premium quality materials, durable and save money.

Clean Anything -
It helps to clean the kitchen stuff including dishes, bowls, pots, glass, bottles, and anything that needs to clean.

Easy to Use - Simply unscrew the top to fill with soap, handle features soft, comfortable, non-slip grip.
  • Color:  Grey
  • Size: 13*9 cm / 5.11*3.54 in                        
  • Weight: About 222 g
Package included:
1 X Super Convenient Dishwasher

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